THD 12-2410

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12 Watt DC/DC converter, industrial, 2:1 input, encapsulated, DIP-24

The THD-12 series is a range of high performance, isolated 12W dc/dc converters. They come in a low profile, DIP-24 package with standard industry pin-out. Overload and overvoltage protection as well as remote On/Off are included as standard. Built-in filters for both input and output minimizes the need of external filtering. Full SMD-design with exclusive use of ceramic capacitors guarantees a high reliability and long product lifetime. Typical applications for these converters are industrial electronics, instrumentation, data communication systems and battery operated equipment with limited space available on the PCB

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Выходное напряжение

3.3 VDC

Регулируемый выход

1500 VDC


11.6 W

Количество выходов


Входное напряжение

18-36 VDC

Тип монтажа

THD (Through-Hole Device)

Тип корпуса



31.8 mm


20.3 mm


10.2 mm

Максимальная температура

85 °C

Минимальная температура

-40 °C


18 g

Удаленное включение / выключение


Сертификаты безопасности

EN 60950-1, EN 62368-1


THD 12

Active. Product is recommended for new designs. Updated to IEC/EN 62368-1.