TCL 024-112 DC

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24 Watt DC/DC converter, industrial, 4:1 input, slim plastic case, DIN-rail

In the TCL range of DIN-rail power supplies are 6 models for DC input voltage available. The wide input ranges of 9.5–18 VDC resp. 18–75 VDC means these models can be operated from all popular DC supply voltage systems. With tightly regulated output voltage these DC/DC converters provide a reliable power source for sensitive loads in industrial process controls, factory automation and other equipment exposed to a critical industrial environment. Further applications for these converters are isolation of a specific load or refreshing the 24 V bus voltage. Easy installation is provided with snap-on mounting on DIN-rails and detachable screw terminal block.

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Выходное напряжение

12 VDC

Регулируемый выход

1500 VDC


24 W

Количество выходов


Входное напряжение

18-75 VDC

Тип монтажа

Screw Terminal

Тип корпуса



100 mm


27 mm


75 mm

Максимальная температура

70 °C

Минимальная температура

-25 °C


140 g

Удаленное включение / выключение


Сертификаты безопасности

EN 60950-1, UL 508



Active. Product is recommended for new designs. Updated to IEC/EN 62368-1.